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Mexico Day 7

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We have reached the end of our last day in Mexico and we leave tomorrow at 8am.  This has been an incredible week and I think it can be summed up as fully God’s. We have credited everything to Him and we have seen his provision and guidance in our team the entire week. This is the most unified team that I’ve been a part of and I’m so thankful. JD called it the “dream team” and it truly was. 

Today we did a quick stop at the Calimax which is a local grocer to pick up some Vanilla. Cost difference to Canada?  The same bottle at Costco in Canada is $29. We paid $3.00 USD.

After that we toured the orphanage. So many stories pour out of that place so you will have to ask a team member about it.

Following, we bought stuff at a market that is set up every Friday with the local people who only get their income through selling blankets and things. 

We are lunch after that and went south 45min to Hotel Santa Maria beach for the afternoon, followed by a celebration dinner and treated the founder of Mission San Quintin(Tom Card) and Victor his labourer and his daughter.

An incredible sharing time topped the night off around the campfire back at the base.

Please pray for our passing through the TJ border as it can take as much as 3 hours to cross. We should hit the border around 2pm.

I’ll update in San Diego, thanks for all your prayers. Here are some pictures. Adios!