In response to the most recent public health orders all in-person gatherings have been suspended until further notice.

Jr HUB this Fall

The fall is changing things up! Jr HUB is now on Wednesday nights! We are moving to in-person gatherings in our church building every other Wednesday night with online meetings during the off weeks. We are super excited about creating a routine of community and growth together again. Meeting in person will bring a large amount of hurdles that we have prepared for. See below for how Wednesday nights will work, when Jr HUB is in person or online and what you can expect. Small group leaders will be in touch with your teen throughout this time.

HUB COVID-19 Safety Policy

This information is based on what is currently known about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the current situation in BC. We will be updating this policy as information changes.

Read our full policy here

What do we do

We are moving into a hybrid of online and in person gatherings that alternate every Wednesday night with Jr HUB. On these in-person nights we will have a game for our HUB LEEG Championship, a form of non-musical worship (for the time being), and we will be going through the Youth Alpha Film Series and discussing it in small groups. These will be set up as Physically Distanced events as we ask our youth and leaders to wear masks throughout the event when they aren't seated 6 ft apart. Contact Ben to get connected with a small group or if you have any other questions about what this fall is going to look like. Stay connected to this page and the parents newsletter to stay informed during this time.

Most Recent Video from Youth Alpha Film Series


Ben Kirlik

Youth and Young Adult Director

Ben joined SouthRidge in 2015. He is a lover of all sports, but most of all hockey. With his wife Alicia and daughter Elenor, he enjoys being outdoors, deep talks, better coffee than yours (unless you also prefer single origin small batch roasts), and instrumental playlists.
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