Five ways to engage with SouthRidge Speedway

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This has been a crazy summer of figuring out how we can reach our community and engage our SouthRidge family, while still making sure we’re keeping everyone safe and healthy. Thank you for the ways that you have been supporting our staff team this summer whether that has been through prayer, or through reaching out and asking how you can be involved. 

As you’ve probably heard by now, we’re gearing up to run our SouthRidge Speedway for the remaining weekends in August. We’re excited about these events, and how they’re going to allow us to safely host families or small groups of people in a fun and exciting way! The event will be accessible to people of all ages, and will include 3 different race track experiences using our pedal go karts. I can tell you first hand, they are a ton of fun to ride!

The first event is coming up quickly, and we would love to have your continued support as we get closer and closer. Here are 5 ways that we ask you to consider engaging with the event. They are all different, but are each essential to a successful SouthRidge Speedway.

We need help putting up bunting!
  1. Serve in Preparation

Practically speaking, there are still a lot of different things that need to be done before the first event. Here are a few ways that we need help in this area:

  • Hand out invitations in your neighbourhood! Our desire with the SouthRidge Speedway is to reach those in our community. We have invitations that you can come and pick up from the church, and distribute in the area where you live. 
  • We have a few more cars that need to be built.
  • All of the cars need their tires pumped up.

If you are interested in serving in any of these ways, please email Talia at or Kelly at or call (604) 514-1000.

  1. Pray

God has been so faithful to us throughout the whole process of figuring out what the summer is going to look like. Would you pray for us leading up to the first event, and throughout the rest of August as we continue to put on events? Here are some specific things you can pray for:

  • Pray that God would allow us to reach people in the community who do not know the love of Jesus.
  • Pray that we would continue to see people signing up to volunteer so that all the positions would be filled.
  • Pray for good weather on the days that we are running the SouthRidge Speedway.
  • Pray for health for our staff, our volunteer team, and everyone who attends the SouthRidge Speedway.
  1. Volunteer at the Event

There are various different volunteer roles that need to be filled for each Speedway event in order for it to run successfully. We have been so thankful for your willingness to serve in the past, and are excited about the opportunity to have you help us out again! Here are some of the volunteer roles that we need to be filled:

  • Host Roles – these positions would mean you are interacting directly with the families who attend SouthRidge Speedway. They include accompanying families through the event, registration, refreshments, and more. 
  • Behind the Scenes Roles – these positions would mean that you are at the event, but not directly interacting with the families who attend SouthRidge Speedway. They include sanitizing and preparing pedal go karts to be used, ensuring the event remains COVID friendly, activity support jobs, and more. 
  • First Aid – Be at the event in case there is any injury or sickness that needs to be dealt with.
  • Set Up/Clean Up – Setting up for or cleaning up from a weeked of the SouthRidge Speedway running. 

You can fill out this Volunteer Form to let us know your interest and availability. You can also email Talia ( or call (604) 514-1000 for more information. 

  1. Participate

Just as important as having people serve and volunteer for the event, is having people participate in the event. The SouthRidge Speedway is geared towards families, but you can sign up in a group of 3-6 with anyone else who is in your social circle. We encourage you to invite those in your life to sign up and participate as well! This is an event that people of all ages will enjoy. Here is the link to get more information, and to sign up:

It’s going to be so much fun!!
  1. Donate

The SouthRidge Speedway is being run by donation, with all proceeds going to support those affected by the Langley Apartment fire. You can find the link to donate on this webpage:

Thank you, SouthRidge, for coming alongside us to successfully run the SouthRidge Speedway. We are so excited for how this event will allow us to reach our community, and are looking forward to how you will be able to be involved.